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It starts with your name. See if yours is available:

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Then, make yourself a profile page that you’ll love.

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There’s a live demo above if you want to play with it! Learn more about our awesome editor.

Want more than just a web page? Read on.

Share your status on your Statuslog.

Share your mood, your food, or whatever else you feel like saying on, our insanely fun Statuslog service.

What’s a Statuslog? Nothing fancy—just your current status, for all to see. You can treat it as a tiny blog of sorts, or as an ephemeral glimpse into whatever’s happening in your life right now.

This Statuslog entry uses our easy-peasy JS embed.

Hop onto the Fediverse and socialize.

Our Mastodon instance is a fun, light-hearted community full of friendly, smart, creative people. Take a break from the mud-slinging and perpetual unrest of other platforms and enjoy the relative peace and tranquility of our little slice of the Fediverse.

(Not even kidding — it really is nicer here.)

Set up your email forwarding.

Electronic Mail


Where do bad rainbows go? Prism! (It’s a light sentence.)

Email ain’t dead yet. Dazzle your friends, family, or total strangers with your jealousy-inducing email address featuring swift forwarding to your existing mail service.

Our email forwarding is fast, reliable, and privacy-focused. But the best part is the look on peoples’ faces when you give out an email address.

Send email with Fastmail.

Email forwarding is fun, but sometimes you need a little more. For sending email, we’ve partnered with Fastmail for those who are looking for a complete email solution. If you’re already a Fastmail customer, it’s easy to connect your address to send email. If you’re not, we can hook you up with with a nice deal on the best email service out there.

Take control with DNS.

$ dig +nocmd any +multiline +noall +answer 300 IN A 300 IN TXT "v=spf1 -all" 300 IN MX 10 300 IN MX 20

$ ./

We’re an eTLD on the Public Suffix List. You get full control over your DNS settings for your address, so you can add records and point them wherever you’d like.

You can think of your address first and foremost as a domain name, and our DNS controls let you treat it as such.

Make awesome URLs with PURLs

Make Permanent URLs with our PURL service. Direct them anywhere! Makes a lovely URL shortener, too.

Share stuff using your Pastebin.

Our astounding service lets you share information with anyone using your very own pastebin.

And a few more things:

Privacy matters here. There are no trackers, no gratuitous data logging, and no intrusive BS.

A powerful API lies at the heart of our service, and you can do everything with it.

Get help from a real person who actually cares about your experience.

Point your address anywhere you’d like with super-simple URL redirection.

Join our fun and extremely chill community on IRC and hang out with cool people.

Enjoy routine enhancements, continuous improvement, and fun surprises.

All of this is just $20 per year.

Yep—$20 for a whole year. No monthly fees here. And we don’t auto-renew, store your payment info, or pull any other financial shenanigans. Just like with any other domain name, you can buy one year or several years. Add time whenever you want. You’re the boss.

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