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By staff · Updated 3 days ago

It all started with a cool domain name. Adam registered (the domain) in 2019, originally for personal use but quickly saw that it would be a cruel waste of awesomeness to squander it. A little creativity and programming later, (the service) was born, letting anyone join in on the fun.

The team is made by our team, and this service is their passion. But all of our members are part of our broader community as well, and your ideas and feedback make the service what it is.

The tech is unabashedly built with PHP on DigitalOcean and Linode hardware running the Debian operating system. Mail is lovingly processed with Postfix, and everything else is highly customized magic.

The art

Penelope, our totally rad pigeon mascot, was illustrated by the incredibly talented Bree Lundberg. Prami, our heart logo, was illustrated by the equally astounding Momo.

The icons you see throughout the site are by Font Awesome.

Contact us at any time if you need more information or help with anything.
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