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Updated 1 year ago has a clear Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Code of Conduct. These establish and clarify how our services can and cannot be used. Nobody likes reading this kind of stuff, but it helps to explain what we mean by “abuse”.

On the rare occasion that our services are abused, or whenever someone engages in the abuse of another person through the use of our services, we act quickly to intervene and resolve the issue. As of the last time this article was updated, this has only happened twice. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!

Reporting abuse

You can contact to report any kind of abuse related to or its members.

How we handle abuse

When we receive a report of abuse, we investigate promptly and thoroughly. We want to address the issue fairly, and with compassion and dignity for all involved. We try to assume positive intent (where it makes sense to do so), and will work with everyone involved to take care of things in the right way.

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