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Here’s some info on how we manage billing matters.


Buying an address is a lot like buying any other domain: it’s something that you’d ideally want to hold onto for a while (if not forever!), so monthly billing isn’t really as appropriate as it might be with other services.


We don’t use a traditional subscription model here. We don’t retain your billing information, and we don’t do automatic renewals. Honestly, we think those things are kind of annoying. If you’ve ever had a subscription to something that you don’t want anymore (but that you’ve forgotten about) and it auto-renewed, it’s not a great feeling. We don’t want to make anyone feel that way.

On the flip side, missing a renewal deadline can be stressful. We’ll contact you a few times before your address expires to ensure that you have ample opportunity to renew it if you wish to keep it.


See the Payments article for information on accepted payment methods and making payments.

Card/Bank Charges

The payment method that you use to purchase services will be charged by “”, “ Address”, or ”Neatnik LLC” (or, more likely, an all-caps version of one of those). If you ever have a problem with any charges, let us know at any time and we’ll help clear things up right away.

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