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Responsible Bug Reporting

Updated 1 year ago

We sincerely appreciate the work of security researchers, bug hunters, and anyone who’s willing to take the time to let us know about something that’s broken. It’s all really helpful, especially to a small independent service like this one.

Please report all bugs to This mailbox can be used for any kind of bug of any severity. If you believe you’ve discovered a serious critical security issue, you can contact

Minor bugs or common annoyances can also be submitted as an issue in our GitHub repository. This is a great way to engage in public discussion of issues (and, frankly, the public pressure is helpful for prioritizing bugfixes—seriously).

More significant bugs or security vulnerabilities should be reported via the mailboxes above. Thank you for your help with responsibly disclosing such issues.

We maintain a Hall of Fame page to recognize each person who reports bugs and acknowledge their contributions.

For additional details, please refer to our security.txt file.

Need more help? Contact us at any time.