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Code of Conduct

By staff · Updated 3 days ago is a loving and inclusive platform. When you use our services, we ask that you always be kind and respectful—or, at the very least, that you strive to simply do no harm.

More specifically:

  • Don’t spread hate or negativity based on people’s fundamental differences, such as gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, ability, and social class
  • Don’t harass, troll, seek to offend, or otherwise bother anyone
  • Don’t lie, and don’t spread others’ lies

We believe that everyone has a right to the freedoms of speech and personal expression. We also believe that everyone has a right to live free of abuse, harassment, and harm. In specific situations where these two beliefs are at odds with one another, we prioritize the second over the first.

We’re super serious about this: our platform will not be a vehicle for abuse, harassment, or harm of any kind. We do not tolerate people who cause harm to others. If you can’t play nice here, you will have to play somewhere else instead.

If you encounter any kind of abuse of our services, please contact Learn more about how we respond to abuse complaints.

Contact us at any time if you need more information or help with anything.
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