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Updated 11 months ago

Here are the questions about that we hear most often.

I changed my mind and I’d like a different address. Can you change it?

Unfortunately we can’t change addresses once they’ve been issued. You can have multiple addresses on your account, though, so you can always add another address whenever you’d like.

The address I want isn’t available, but it doesn’t look like it’s in use. Is there any way I can have it?

It can be difficult to tell exactly how any given address is being used; lots of folks sign up for just for the email forwarding and don’t use any of the web features. Unfortunately, if an address is already taken it won’t be available until it’s given up by its owner.

Is there a free tier available?

Unfortunately there isn’t — we’ve been around the block and we’ve seen the kind of abuse that services with free tiers suffer. Besides that, the only way to afford to provide a sustainable service is with money, so we charge money. We would never resort to the kinds of things that other services do when they offer free tiers (advertising, selling your data, etc.).

I used to have an account, but I kinda forgot about it, and now I can’t log in. Help?

If you didn’t renew your address before it expired, and you didn’t have any other active addresses associated with your account, then your account would have been removed at the time of your address’s expiration. If you register a new address, you’ll get a new account along with it.

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