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Updated 1 year ago

We run a Mastodon instance on, and all members are welcome to join. You can create a new account on your address’s page (click on your address, and then click the button in the “” section).

Mastodon is kind of like Twitter, but much nicer. For a more thorough description, read all about Mastodon here.

You can follow us (well, Prami) on Mastodon at

We fully commit to all points of the Mastodon Server Covenant.

If your address expires

If your address expires, you’ll have 14 days to export your data and migrate your Mastodon account to another instance (if you want to, that is).

After 14 days, your Mastodon account will be defederated and all data will be deleted. At that point, it will become available to the next person who purchases that particular address.

Need more help? Contact us at any time.