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Updated 1 year ago

A /now page is a wonderful way to share what’s going on in your life “now”—though what now means is entirely up to you. Could be the past month, six months, whatever you want. It’s your /now page, so you can run it the way you want to!

The idea behind for /now pages comes from the brilliant Derek Sivers, who started the movement and wrote about it here.

Updating your /now page

On the site, visit your address page, and then click the Now Page button. From there, you can fully control the content of your /now page using the editor. (There’s also an API, of course.)

You can use many of the same conventions in editing your /now page as you can with your profile page, including support for Font Awesome icons (and our own icon set, too) by using {icon-tags}.

Accessing your /now page

You can access your /now page via your address by simply appending /now, e.g. If you use, you can also append /now to your weblog address, e.g.

Keeping your /now page updated

If you’d like a periodic nudge to keep your /now page up to date, just enter the frequency for reminders at the bottom of your /now editor. If you haven’t updated your /now page within that amount of time, you’ll receive an email reminder to do so. You can actually make your updates in the reply to that email, and they’ll go live a moment or two after you hit “send”.

Now Garden

The Now Garden is the collection of /now pages. You can opt into being listed in the garden by checking the box below your /now editor.

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