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Updated 8 months ago

Passkeys are secure, fast ways to access things online. Built on the WebAuthn standard, passkeys combine the security of FIDO U2F security keys with your device’s biometrics, resulting in the ultimate authentication experience.

Passkey support rolled out on a while ago, because passkeys are insanely great and it was instantly clear that they are the future of digital authentication.

Fancy praise for the tech aside, passkeys are also a super simple replacement for passwords. And they can also replace usernames, too!’s implementation allows you to sign in with the single click of a button, skipping username, password, and even your 2FA. Because of the security involved in passkeys, these traditional authentication inputs are simply not needed. Welcome to the future.

Passkeys are now the default authentication method for log in at, thanks to our implementation of Passage by 1Password. For those times where you can't use a passkey, you will still be able to login with a magic link sent via email, but we hope you use a passkey wherever possible.

If you have any questions or issues with your passkey, reach out!

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