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Updated 1 year ago

The internet didn’t ask for another pastebin, and it certainly didn’t need one, but here we are. As is customary around here, we found a cool domain ( in this case) and decided to put it to good use.

Each address has its own independently-managed pastebin, accessible at and fully managed within

Paste privacy

All paste pages are public. Anyone who has the URL to one of your pastes will be able to see it. Don’t store anything that you wouldn’t want your mother, neighbor, ex-spouse, or boss to see.

Managing pastes

To create a new paste (an entry in your pastebin), just visit your Dashboard, click Manage under your address, and then click Manage Pastebin. From there you can easily add a new paste or edit existing ones.

Every paste needs a title. Titles can consist of alphanumeric characters, dashes, underscores, and dots. If your paste title ends in a file extension, its public page will display the paste content with appropriate syntax highlighting, if possible.

Pastes can be “listed” or “unlisted”. “Listed” pastes will appear on your paste directory (accessible at Pastes are unlisted by default.

Accessing pastes

You can access any of your pastes by visiting your pastebin URL ( and slapping the paste title at the end (e.g.

You can also visit if you prefer. It works the same way.

If you want to access a paste in plain text format, just append /raw to the end of its URL.

To view a list of listed pastes for any given address’s pastebin, just visit

Embedding pastes

Reporting abuse

In the extremely unlikely event that you’ve encountered an abusive paste (e.g. doxxing, hate speech, etc.) please report it by emailing

Need more help? Contact us at any time.