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Picture Sharing

Updated 11 months ago

This service is in beta. It might not work properly all the time, and it will probably change before it’s finalized.

You’ve got beautiful pictures that you want to share, and we’ve got a place for you to share them. A match made in visual heaven!

Our picture sharing service,, does two things:

  1. Makes it easy to share your favorite pictures on the internet.
  2. Offers a way to add pictures to your site.


The focus is on simple public image sharing. If you want to put a picture on the internet and let people see it, this is the service for you! If you want to limit who can see your pictures, this is not the service for you. Features may expand over time, but the core intention of the service is to make it easy to share pictures with ease.

What it isn’t

  • It’s not a general cloud photo storage solution.
  • It’s not a place to back-up or store an entire photo library.
  • It’s not really intended for sharing transient screenshots or other temporary/throwaway stuff.

How it works

  • You can upload pictures up to 8 MB in size, in any of these formats: GIF, HEIC, JPG, PNG, SVG, and WEBP.
  • All images need to have a description (for alt text) to be shared publicly.
  • We’ll generate a lower-res preview image to display on the landing page, but the full un-messed-with version of your uploaded picture will be shown on the picture’s individual page.
  • We strip all geolocation metadata from the EXIF of all uploaded pictures.

Community Guidelines

Please note that our guidelines will evolve as the service matures. What you see below was last updated on February 23, 2023.

  • Our Code of Conduct applies here (as well as everywhere else on
  • We’re passionate about accessibility, so all pictures must have a description. These descriptions are how some people will “see” your pictures, so you shouldn’t half-ass them! Learn how to write good image descriptions.
  • In general, we’d like to try to keep things family-friendly around here. That doesn’t mean that everything you share has to be squeaky clean or get a nod from Ned Flanders, but it does mean that we’re going to moderate content and may remove things that run far astray (illegal content, gratuitous explicit sexual content, content that promotes drug use or self-harm, etc.). To be clear, most artistic nudity is fine. If you could see it on European television, it’s probably going to be OK here.
  • You can share other people’s content here if it’s licensed or you have permission. If someone doesn’t want you to share their content here, please don’t do it. Copyright violations put our service in legal jeopardy, and that’s not cool.

We appreciate you keeping these guidelines in mind when sharing pictures.

Need more help? Contact us at any time.