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This page provides information that may be useful to email operators, either in general or when troubleshooting email-related issues.

About the mail service’s mail service is first and foremost a message forwarding service. The mail server forwards messages on behalf of members to the destination address of their choice. The server will also send low-volume notification or service-related messages. There is no mechanism to directly support sending arbitrary outbound email.

IP Addresses

Mail originates from the mail server,, which operates at the IP address

Technologies Used

The mail server, besides being devastatingly handsome, employs the use of multiple technologies to ensure safe, compliant delivery of email messages as well as to thwart abuse and manage the transmission of unsolicited bulk emails (or ‘spam’). These technologies include:


If you would like to reach the postmaster, please send an email to (Yes, we’re RFC2142-compliant!)

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