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Updated 1 year ago

One of the best parts of an profile is the total flexibility you have in adding and managing your profile items.

Your profile items can be just about anything: plain text, a link to something (like a personal website or a social media profile), or whatever. Add as many as you’d like! You can re-order them any time.

Adding items

  • Just insert a new Markdown list item (starting with -) within the --- Profile Items --- section of your page.

Using Markdown

Markdown is supported, so you can format text or add links as you see fit. For example, you can add a link with custom text like this:

[My awesome link text](

Setting links to be opened in a new tab (i.e., target="_blank") can be achieved by appending to the end of the link markdown, like this:

[This opens in a new tab](⧉

Linking to social profiles or other sites

When you link to a known social profile or website, we’ll try to clean up the display of that link for you by showing a nice icon and your username (taken from the URL). If you’re not seeing a certain icon that you’re expecting, get in touch or add an icon request on GitHub and we’ll add it for you.

Special Items

  • {snowfall} will make it snow on your profile.
  • {norelme} will disable the global default rel="me" attribute applied to all profile page links.


You can easily share your cryptographic public keys on your profile. These key types are supported:

  • {pgp-key} for your PGP key
  • {ssh-key} for your SSH key
  • {age-key} for your age key
  • {cosign-key} for your Cosign key
  • {minisign-key} for your Minisign key

Choosing icons

If you’d like to have a specific icon appear on a profile item, just use an icon tag, like this: {cat}. Put it at the end of the line, and when your profile is published, the tag will be removed and the icon will be applied. You can use any icon in the Font Awesome free set, as well as any of the custom icons.

For example:

  • - will show the Instagram icon by default
  • - {cat} will show the cat icon (useful for Instagram feeds dedicated to your cat)

Want to add a new icon tag? Add an issue in GitHub or just get in touch to request one.

Need more help? Contact us at any time.