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By staff · Updated 3 days ago

One of the best parts of an profile is the total flexibility you have in adding and managing your profile items.

Your profile items can be just about anything: plain text, a link to something (like a personal website or a social media profile), or whatever. Add as many as you’d like! You can re-order them any time by dragging them around.

Adding items

Click the friendly green Add an item button to get a new field.

Removing items

Want to nuke one of your items? Just clear the field, and when you save your profile it’ll be gone.

Using Markdown

Markdown is supported, so you can format text or add links as you see fit. For example, you can add a link with custom text like this:

[My awesome link text](

Linking to social profiles or other sites

When you link to a known social profile or website, we’ll try to clean up the display of that link for you by showing a nice icon and your username (taken from the URL). If you’re not seeing a certain icon that you’re expecting, get in touch or add a GitHub issue and we’ll add it for you.

Special Items

  • PGP keys. Drop your public key into a profile item field and we’ll display a fingerprint that links to the full key.
  • Email addresses. Enter an email address and we’ll turn it into a working email link.


Schemes are ways to signal that your profile item is something specific, ensuring that they received the proper icon. Here are the schemes that you can use:

  • book:// to indicate the title of a book
  • game:// to indicate the title of a video game
  • tv:// to indicate the title of a TV show/series
  • film:// to indicate the title of a film
  • movie:// to indicate the title of a movie
  • cat:// to indicate the name of a pet cat
  • dog:// to indicate the name of a pet dog
  • discord:// for Discord usernames, e.g. discord://Neatnik#9090
  • mastodon:// for Mastodon usernames, e.g. mastodon://
  • matrix:// for Matrix usernames, e.g. matrix://

Want to add a new scheme? Add an issue in GitHub or just get in touch to request one.

Contact us at any time if you need more information or help with anything.
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