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Profile Verification

Updated 2 months ago

If you see the official checkmark badge on a profile, it means that you’re viewing a verified profile. You can trust that the person is who they say they are! At least by our reasonable standards, that is (lol).

These verifications can also be verified (pun intended) by typing the address into the Lookup tool.

If you’d like to be verified, just contact us to kick off the process. We also sometimes automatically verify people who we know to be real, so if that happened to you, congrats!

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The PramiMark

If you see the PramiMark on a profile, it means that you’re viewing the profile of an staff member. As this is intended to be an indicator of trust, we ask that you please not attempt to render the PramiMark or any related icon or variant on your own profile page. Doing so will make Prami sad.

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