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Referral Program

Updated 1 year ago

Our referral program is super simple: for every person that you refer to who signs up, we’ll give you three months of service credit. (See the “Program Details” section below for a little more info.)

Your referrals page

If you visit your account settings page, you’ll see a new link at the top to access your referrals page. On that page, you can say who referred you to, or if you’ve already done that, view confirmation of who referred you. You can also see and copy your referral URL(s), and see a list of everyone who you’ve referred to Finally, you’ll also see your Time Bank—this is where your referral rewards appear.

Time Bank

Your Time Bank shows the balance of credit that you’ve earned for referring people (three months per person). You can use the time in your Time Bank to generate gift codes, and soon you’ll be able to use the time in other ways as well.

Referral URLs

You can refer people to with a referral link that looks like this: (where foobar is your address)

If you have multiple addresses, you can use any of them for your referral URL. Your referrals page will list all of them, and you can click on the clipboard icon to copy them.

Referral list

The list at the bottom of your referrals page shows everyone who has indicated that you’ve referred them to, either by using your referral URL or by visiting their own referrals page and entering your address there (if you have more than one address, they could enter any of those addresses to give you credit).

If you’ve referred people to and they’ve signed up but you don’t see their name in your list, ask them to visit their referrals page and enter your address there.

Program Details

Here’s pretty much every detail about the program:

  • You’ll receive three months of service credit for each person who signs up for and either uses your referrer URL or lists you as their referrer on their referrals page.

  • This program operates retroactively from the start of the service. You can receive credit for people who you referred years ago, as long as they sign in and list you as their referrer.

  • The three months of service per referral is calculated as 91.5 days, which is one quarter of a leap year. Weird, yeah, but super fair!

  • The balance in your Time Bank has no cash value. Your balance is surrendered when your membership ends.

  • Please don’t spam your referrer URLs or pester people to sign up for the service. We want to reward you for friendly, low-pressure referrals. Members who engage in referral spam or other unpleasant behavior related to the referral program will likely not be members for long.

  • It should go without saying, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for any fraud or abuse related to the referral program. It won’t end well for anyone trying to game the system or engaging in any shenanigans. Please, just don’t.

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