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Service Domains

Updated 10 months ago

Here’s a list of all valid service domains.

  • is an eTLD registered on the Public Suffix List. The base address redirects to, while other subdomains redirect to either service pages (which would be listed below) or member addresses.
  • is our canonical service domain, and the only domain used for account activity (registration, sign-in, account maintenance, etc.). There are no member-run services operating within this domain.
  • is our updates blog. It runs on
  • is our service status page.
  • will be where the Charms site lives, when it goes live.
  • is our Discourse forum.
  • is our IRC server.
  • is our Mastodon instance.
  • is our Pastebin service.
  • is our hosted profile service.
  • will be where the Proofs site lives, when it goes live.
  • redirects to our Staff page.
  • is our Statuslog service.
  • is our picture sharing service.
  • will be where the timeline site lives, when it goes live.
  • is our PURL service.
  • is our Weblog service.
  • is our upcoming multiplayer text adventure game.

We also operate, an unofficial directory of .LOL domains.

If you have found a location other than the ones above claiming to be affiliated with, or if someone has asked you to log into or share any personal information at a location other than, please email immediately.

Why does this list exist?

This list exists to help you ensure that you’re only dealing with official, legitimate services. (In other words, if someone came along and registered “” and suggested that you enter your credentials there, this page would confirm that would be a bad idea.)

Need more help? Contact us at any time.