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The staging site

By staff · Updated 3 days ago

A big upgrade is underway here at, and the site you’re on now is our staging site. This is where we’re actively building the next version of, more or less out in the open.

It’s a pretty unstable environment, and you should consider this very much a “use at your own risk” kind of deal. You’ll know you’re on the staging site because of the yellow banner at the top of the screen that says so.

Data is routinely deleted and refreshed on the staging site, so please don’t do anything important here—it will be deleted or otherwise broken before long.

The staging environment is separate from the production environment (at, so things done within one do not affect the other. If you change your password in production, for example, it won’t be changed in staging.

You can always ensure that you’re using the current production version of the service by visiting

Contact us at any time if you need more information or help with anything.
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