Our Roadmap

We may not be the largest or most sophisticated service out there, but we’re still committed to setting, maintaining, and openly sharing our vision for our service. And what better way to do that than with a public product roadmap? Here’s ours:

We are here


Q2 2023
Way better than “badges”, Charms are the bits and bytes of your traits and accomplishments in convenient and adorable digital form. Learn more.

Enhanced Theming

Q3 2023
New theming tools will make it easier to build, share, and manage profile themes. An expanded theme library will let your profile stand out. And simple theme customizations will let you make something that’s truly your own.


Q4 2023
They’re webhooks, but for email. Move data around and trigger events on a whim. Connect one of the oldest internet protocols to the most modern API-based development processes.

Address Transfers

Transfer an address to a new owner. Consolidate accounts. Move addresses with the click of a button for any reason you might have.

Time Management

Shift time across addresses. Tap into the time balance of an address that’s paid further in advance to extend the life of another.

Profile Portability

Easily export your profile, or rapidly push it to third-party hosting services like GitHub Pages and Netlify.

Photo Sharing

Share photos in a way that’s easy and fun! No Insta-clones here—we’re going to roll something out that’s been completely reimagined.

Galactic Domination

omg.lol will take the world by storm and become the most popular link-in-bio service. Did you get in early enough?
Ha ha FOMO lol!

Roadmap Graduates

These features are now live!

  • Profile pages
  • DNS
  • PURLs
  • Pastebin
  • Statuslog
  • Mastodon instance
  • IRC Server
  • Weblog

The roadmap was last updated 9 months and 2 weeks ago.
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