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Updated 1 year ago

Social media and social apps can really just suck. But they can also be pretty awesome? It really just depends on the service and the people using it.

Here at, we’re not interested in re-inventing social media. We are however deeply interested in supporting kind, fun, lighthearted social interaction amongst nice people. And from this goal has been born. You can read the name in two different ways: a light mockery of social media (as in “lol, social media”) or a more positive reflection of the idea that our online social interactions should be fun and even make us laugh.

Membership is available to members by going to$YOURUSERNAME/

Live chat

We’re using IRC for live chat. Maybe you’re an IRC veteran and you’ll feel right at home with it. Maybe you’ve never heard of it before, but we still think you’ll like it. It uses a completely open standard, and you can use a variety of clients (including one that we host for you).

Social posting

For less-than-live chatter, we’re using Mastodon (it’s also the landing page for It’s also an open standard, and like IRC we can host it ourselves. It’s a lot like Twitter, but much nicer.

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