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Updated 4 weeks ago

The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) started life as Jabber, an open protocol for instant messaging. It became a wildly popular protocol in the early days of the web, used by all kinds of different clients. It’s still widely supported today!

As part of your chat service, you have access to our XMPP server. Cool!

Getting started

To kick things off, just visit your address’s page (look for the button that says “socialize, lol”). You’ll see a button you can click on there to get up and running with XMPP access.

Once you have your password, you can use an XMPP client to sign into the server and chat with other members (and anyone else on the internet!) through’s XMPP server.

Group Rooms / Channels

Our XMPP Multi-User Chat (MUC) address is, so, for example, if you want to join our bridged #general channel, you’d connect to

You can see the full list of chat channels, all of which are bridged across our other chat services. You can also create your own channels too, if you’d like!

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