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Connect with your friends (or make new ones) in our awesome chat rooms! Our community is smart and kind, and there’s always an interesting conversation happening. Join us!

Getting Started

To kick things off, just visit your address’s page (look for the button that says “socialize, lol”). That’s where you can get set up with IRC, Discord, Matrix, or XMPP. (Mastodon is on there, too, but it’s not typically considered a real-time/live chat thing.)

You’ll need a chat client for whatever chat thing you want to use. Click on any of the links above to learn more.


Our Code of Conduct, Terms of Use, and Acceptable Use policies apply when using’s chat rooms. If you only remember one thing, it should be to prioritize kindness and show compassion.

Bridging & Channels

There are a handful of nice channels covering different topics, all of which are bridged across all of the chat services. This means that you can be on XMPP and chat with people who are on Discord, and people on IRC and Matrix will see those messages too. Bridging isn’t perfect, but it’s a pretty nice way to keep everyone connected despite personal preferences with chat apps/services.

Here are the channels you’ll find in the chatrooms:

  • #general, general chatter about anything
  • #random, random or off-the-wall stuff
  • #web, web development stuff
  • #email, all about email
  • #dns, for the nerds
  • #gaming, fun and games
  • #sports, fun and games but the boring kind
  • #mastodon, discuss Mastodon ( or in general)
  • #firehose, notices, announcements, inbound webhooks, and other noisy (but interesting) stuff

And these channels:

  •, chat about services
  • #help, customer service and support
  • #api, all about the API

In addition, Discord also offers a voice chat room.

Need more help? Contact us at any time.